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Free Colorful Organic 3d Renders by liquae
Free Colorful Organic 3d Renders
The green one's are 3200X2400 Pixels, 600 DPI, .PNG
The red one's are 1600X1200 Pixels, 600 DPI, .PNG
They have been rendered out with extremely high settings, so they are smooth, detailed and high quality with a transparent background.

I've got a folder of almost 200 like these.  When I get a nice render going, I tend to render it out 3 - 6 times from different angles with different lights.  These particular one's are just from the batch in the last week or two.
I figure other people can get use out of these.  Plus if I consider them given away, I won't be tempted to use them again, rather I'll come up with something new.
I plan to release a lot of my renders like this actually, I think.  If people actually end up downloading them, and using them.
No rules to using them really, do whatever you like.  I would however appreciate it if you send me a link to any artwork you make using them, so I can have a look at how you interpreted them, ect. 
Hearts Desire by liquae
Hearts Desire
Believe it or not, there are about 20 renders in here, most of them are blurred to the point you can't see them though.  Really like the colors here, and the feeling of motion.  It was really hard to resist temptation to fill it with fancy cloudy brushing and make it really busy.  Going to keep trying to keep my art as simple and concise as possible.
Information Superhighway by liquae
Information Superhighway
I've been trying to get this one right for a couple weeks now...  I submitted one like it a little while back, but IMO it was all wrong.  I was bored today and flipping through some half finished artworks, and I just started playing with this, and it all came together.
90% Cinema4d, and the touching up in photoshop.
I've been browsing this site a lot lately, commenting every chance I get, adding A LOT of work to my favorites, and throwing "Llama Badges" at anybody I think is cool, even though I'm still not sure what their function is really...  Anything I think took skill, or I find interesting, or just plain good looking I've tried to interact with.  As a result my profile is growing.  So I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for stopping by, and leaving friendly comments for me.  Knowing more people are viewing my work, and having people tell me it's great is a huge inspiration.  It may be the biggest thing which keeps driving me to experiment, push myself, and learn more.
Even if I don't get around to replying to every individual comment, just know you are appreciated.

Another note, as you may notice my main gallery consists of a single page of artwork.  I have infact done hundreds more pieces of art then what is displayed there, I've been going for 10-14 years on and off!  If you enjoy my gallery, be sure to check out my "Scraps" folder.  I try to keep my gallery down to one page, so I am always moving old work into the scraps page.  There are probably a dozen pages of art there, and I have art going back as far as 2004 still in there, it's interesting to see how far I've come, hell I even had some pretty good idea's back then.

My final note is this, if you feel your art style is compatible with mine in some way, and you would like us to put our heads together and come up with something cool, make sure to send me a message!  Collaborations are always a great way to explore new styles, have another point of view on a project, and just get to know people.  I'm open to just about any project somebody may want to try to work with me on for some fun work!  I'm especially looking at you, photographers...  I'm dying to explore photo manipulation more, I just need the right picture, and right idea.  Together we could create some really interesting abstract interpretation of, well, whatever!
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Explore the Depths by liquae
Explore the Depths
Instead of slapping a few renders together and calling it a day, I really tried to take my time with this one.  Probably 6 hours (not including render times), over the course of the last few days.  Re-rendering things, adding dozens of elements and deleting them to see what works, playing with the colors, ect...  Overall I am happy with the result.  However, I feel I could do much better considering all the time and attention to detail I put into it.  Should be interesting to see what I make next.

As always, it is in fact wallpaper sized, I however like it better rotated 90 degree's like this.  Rotating it back is simple enough with any basic software that came with your computer..
Last Torch by liquae
Last Torch
Basically using up some of the last renders from the big batch I made over the last month.  They are all pretty similar, so most of my work has been more or less the same.  I really tried to just keep it as simple as possible here and still have some detail.
Fever Nightmare by liquae
Fever Nightmare
This is pretty much the dark version of a wallpaper I submitted recently.  About half way through, I decided to try switching to a black background.  I really wanted to do a light wallpaper, but the dark was really cool too IMO.  So I finished the light version, then went back, and made the background black on this one, added some new renders and airbrushing, played with the lighting some more, that kind of stuff.  Pretty similar to most of my other work, but I really am working on experimenting with new styles and evolving.


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John Q. Doe
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Favourite genre of music: Hip Hop / Girly Pop Music / Anything else that sounds good.
Favourite style of art: Abstract / Photo Manipulation / 3d Modeling
Software: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Cinema 4D

Other interests:
-Blacksmithing / Knifemaking
-Composing music with FL Studio.

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